Born and raised in Miami Florida, life was nothing short of EXCITING. As I grew up I knew I was here for a purpose. Shortly after College I joined the United States Air Force.
Having served seven years I have been blessed and lucky enough to taste a wide variety of seasonings and rubs across America. I didn’t know it then, but I was slowly falling in love with everything Barbecue. Over time I became a Barbecue connoisseur. Having been stationed in central California as well as the heart of Texas my hobby and passion for Barbecue only grew stronger. So. I decided to grill. Not only for my family but for our friends and fellow Airmen we met along the way. Barbecue always seemed to set a mood full of excitement and enjoyment. Gatherings that were filled with laughter, great conversations, and memories that were made. Over time it became evident that Buckshot (my steak seasoning) was craved and loved by those close to me. Little did I know it would lead to the start of something special. SAVAGE.
To me the word savage signifies toughness, extreme, sacrifice, boldness, and adventurous. My goal is to share a seasoning from my home, a seasoning my wife sneaks into our biscuits and gravy. One my kids who prefer dads cooking over the likes of fast food. My intent is to share seasonings with you and your home, your family, and your friends. These seasonings will take your Barbecue to the level those around you deserve. Wake Up and Go Savage! I would like to thank you and I truly hope you enjoy. SAVAGE SEASONING.